Rimspike is the story of things coming together in surprising ways.

The idea for the Rimspike logo and brand came to me fully formed in 2017. In ultimate frisbee, a rim spike is a disrespectful goal celebration in which the goal scorer spikes the disc edgewise into the ground, warping it and potentially rendering it unplayable. I was shocked to find that no one in the ultimate community was using it as a brand name. I thought it would make the perfect alias for the logo and illustration work that I like to do for fun when I’m not doing product design (or, you know, playing ultimate).

I snapped up all the social media handles and bought the domain name. Then I didn’t do anything with it for like a year.

I didn’t really know what the next step should be until I attended a gender equity forum through Pittsburgh Ultimate in 2018. It was an illuminating experience. I learned that a more fair future isn’t going to come about on its own. That it takes everyone’s conscious effort, and that even small gestures can make an impact.

I left the forum finally knowing what Rimspike would be. I’d combine two of my hobbies – sports photography and apparel design – and offer those services for free to help support women in ultimate.

Since then, I’ve been working with my badass friends on the Pittsburgh women’s team Hot Metal to help them raise funds and increase visibility. In early 2019, we launched a Teespring store featuring the various fundraising apparel I’d made for them over the years. If you’re a frisbee weirdo, or just want to support women’s sports, head on over and buy something!